Obedience: My Friend’s Journey Back to Her Purpose!!


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Great News – my friend got laid off today! Now wait, I know what you’re thinking – read below and you’ll understand why this was the best news I’ve received this week!

So my friend, she’s a runner. No, not like a 5K a day marathoner, but like a “I’m afraid of what may lie ahead (even though God brought me here), so let me not stick around to see what happens” kind of runner. Her last and most life altering “run” was when she ran away from the profession that God moved mountains for her to be apart of because she didn’t see a possible future in it (the adjustment period was ROUGH). I can attest to the fact that the profession is filled with treachery, insurmountable workloads, and in some areas, there is not much room for promotion. These issues coupled with the little supervisory guidance she was being offered helped her to come to the conclusion that SHE WAS DONE! She left to work in another field, which was stable and just what she THOUGHT she needed in her life.

Soon enough she began to realize that this JOB was not her CAREER and certainly had nothing to do with her PURPOSE. Thankfully, she has always been one to communicate with God and she has always sought to keep her relationship with God vibrant and tight! In communing with God, He told her, about a year ago, to go back to the profession that she ran away from. During the course of that year, she started to build her own company, from the ground up, all while working a 9-5. Of course anxiety and doubt must have filled her brain for she didn’t have the resources to leave the 9 to 5 and begin the process of finding business. Here she is building a company with no sign that she would ever have a fruitful business and no sign that she would soon rely on that business to get her out of “harm’s way” – much like Noah when he built the ark at God’s direction with no sign of the flood. Nevertheless, she waited and waited for God’s direction on her next move.

WELL, today, what some may believe was meant for bad was totally the sign and blessing she needed from God; SHE GOT LAID OFF. I immediately felt an overwhelming amount of joy, not because I hate her but because I knew in my spirit that this was one door closing for her new opportunity to appear in the adjacent door. Now, getting laid off is never usually considered a good thing, but for her this was one of the biggest blessings ever. Do you know that after making one phone call this afternoon, she was asked to take on an abundant amount of business, working with someone who is eager to use her services?!

There are so many morals of this story.

1. Never runaway from your purpose

2. But, if you have, know that God will never leave you nor forsake you

3. …for you already have the victory in Jesus’ name!

4. Now, you must keep your communication lines open with God and hold that relationship near and dear…and

5. stay prayed up because your answers often lay in prayer!!

Much Love,



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